Herpes Chat

Herpeschat has the largest Chating forum to discuss different topics such as dating, sexual health, advice, how to manage their symptoms and general themes.
People with herpes may feel embarrassed, depressed, and may even isolate themselves, be afraid to face the opposite sex. This disease can last longer, which means that people with this problem may feel lonely for so a while. To solve this problem, herpeschat was created to help patients with herpes find friends.
Similarly, hiv is hard to cure, the site is not only for herpes patients, but also for patients with hiv to make friends.
Herpes Chat Description

Herpeschat is an online dating site specifically made for those having STD ailment. It is unique in a way that its features are made to give hope for those having the ailment find friends and even long lasting relationships with people who can understand them the most.

There is no worry of joining this site fearing exposure to the rest of the world and being judged. Upon registration, there is a list of questions to be asked for potential members that will somehow screen the condition of the person interested to be a member and the intent why interested to be part of this site As such, those who tend to join just to give negative comments to members will be detected right away.

Herpes Chat Features and Pricing

Herpes Chat has good features to rely upon. Not only does it offers free instant messaging, chat, quick or advanced search, post lifetime profile, success stories, online games, blogs, forums, members birthdays and many more for members, it also offers unique features for gold members. For standard members, the registration and availing of standard features are free while for gold members, there is a fee of 4.95 dollars monthly due to its special features. These special features include removal of profile from public search engines, unrestricted access to existing passions network sites, banner ads removed from the site, and indication as a gold star member. Availing the gold star membership is left to the sound discretion of the member.

The Herpeschat site has a user friendly feature that is not difficult even for those who are not use to using social media sites. Tabs are present on the homepage for use Aside from this site, members are even given the chance to participate in other social networking features for singles going through herpes. It is interesting to know that members with ailment can enjoy this site to the fullest especially when feeling down. There are a lot of interactions to be involved with

In case of privacy concerns, the chat rooms though not moderated have warning message of “enter at your own risk” as a sign that the member will be talking to a group wanting hidden identities.

Verdict :

No one should be alone in this world especially those having medical problems. With this site, having herpes promble will not be so agonizing for those infected with it for having the potential to meet people who can understand and relate with each other.