Symptom of Syphilis

Syphilis is a bacteria infection which is referred to as a sexually transmitted disease that is dangerous and can cause a severe effect on the victim. The principal source of syphilis is Treponema Palladium, this enters the body by the means of abrasion that occurs during sex and starts the damage of the arteries. The symptoms starts from the day it enters the body with a small macule(sore) at the site of the infection, the site is located near the genitals, rectum or mouth at the primary stage also known as first stage. It grows to the secondary stage where the victim will be feeling lymph node enlargement, sore throat, hair loss etc. The most seen symptoms in this stage are syphilis rash and sore throat. When these symptoms vanish the infection becomes dormant and does not cause any further symptoms. After the first year of dormant phase the infection is no longer contagious. If it is not treated at the first or second stage it grows to the third stage that is the tertiary stage. At this stage it get serious and causes potentially fatal complications like liver damage, stroke and meningitis.
Syphilis is bacterial that can be treated at the states of primary and secondary, it is less likely there will be complications if early treated. Procaine Penicillin is the best drug for treating syphilis. This sexual transmitted disease can be prevented by using barrier protection such as condom, dental dam during oral, anal and virginal sex.