What to do if you get genital herpes

Identify Herpes feature
Herpes can cause painful sores and blisters. There are three herpes viruses : HSV-1 causes blisters and cold sores on the body , usual on the mouth, and you should know that , HSV-1 is different with HSV-2 , and it won’t be transfer to another ; HSV-2 cause blisters around genital parts, Herpes zoster that can cause shingles and chickenpox . We goon to talk about HSV-2 , which bother people most.
At the first stage , the symptoms of Herpes are similar to the other diseases. A lighter genital herpes could easily be mistaken for a skin irritation or an insect bite.
It often last for 3-7days , for HSV-2 usual transmit via sex , you may identify it from the time .
At the second stage , we find the skin becoming red, itchy and swell. The most important symptoms is , genital herpes is very painful , and most of other diseases like eczema just itchy.
The time you find your skin around genital itchy or painful, you may stop any sexual exposure, for avoid transferring the disease to your partner.
At last, the herpes will make skin scabs , and it will become harder and harder. It often cause 20 days. Now you can say , WTF , I get herpes! Then when  
For many people often get other disease like HPV while get herpes , so you still need to go to hospital and make sure what happened to you.

Reduce the body painful of herpes
Genital herpes symptoms which come in form of blisters and sores can be very painful sometimes. There are various ways to suppress this discomfort; Keep the affected area clean and dry, by wearing loose fitting clothes, by soaking yourself in warm water, better still use a blow dryer with low heat to dry the affected area as opposed to a towel. Women are highly advised against douching. This is to mention just a few of home remedies.
Let no one lie to you, Even they are doctors .Research has shown that there is no cure for genital herpes. We can use Episodic treatment to shorten the time of each attack. But that the body cure it self , and improve the immunity will be better.

Get some psychological support
In fact, genital herpes will never go away. Although I saw many singles with herpes find their true love , but most of herpes are still hide themselves and feel worried. They are so many article shows the way about telling other people you getting herpes, but for misunderstanding and discrimination to herpes , I suggest you just tell the truce to necessary people who may live with you. You could get some herpes support from online friends as genitalherpesdatingonline.net (a directory of herpes site) .