Herpes may increase the erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become a nightmare of every man in this world. Man is feared of erectile dysfunction more than the death.
There are some study shows that Herpes (HSV-2) will increase the risk of ED (erectile dysfunction) . And some researchers found that among the men who had herpes infections, 1.7% of them developed erectile dysfunction. Only 0.7% of the men without infections developed ED.

This reason is always used for guiding herpes patients to try some expensive treatment. If you don’t take that , you may get ED, what can be worse?   
Now, if you are worried that, just take it easy. It’s right , herpes may increase the risk of ED. But the only reason is, who get herpes has life style stress.  

The study concluded that there are many of the factors responsible for the erectile dysfunction: lack of desire and no support from the opposite sex , stress from the life styles. But no data shows the herpes virus cause that too.
The results point to a need that treating sexual problems should take into account of physical health and also mental health and satisfaction with the intimate relationship. Among men, mental health issues and relationship problems contributed to a lack of interest in sex and the inability to achieve orgasm.

That’s why I use “may” instead of “will” in the title, don’t be so scared and try to find some support online. Herpes dating online is always a good choice.