What can we do in dating without just eating and movie

What is the meaning of 'dating' in terms of falling in love? Dating is the process of two people learning to communicate with and understand each other. It serves as the preview of future marital life. I think that the best dating role model is a youthful couple who can take off their adult masks. IIn this way, what you do together does not matter.
When dating, you cannot impose your hobbies onto other people. Therefore, you must find common interests. Share what you find beautiful in your life to your date. This works best if they appreciate your perspective.
We can do many activities on dates. One of my friends A who studies in China, likes to go on dates in  Xihu Park  near the city.
He repeatedly told me about how he and a girl went to the city nearby where it cost just $10 to take the slow, green train straight to the park. When they arrived, he told her romantic stories of a poet in the park, as well as the most fantastic stories ever heard (of course, he did his homework in advance).
And in the evening, he found the best place to see the sunset with the girl while talking about their future. Then, they took the train back. (They didn’t have money to sleep in a hotel.) When they returned, the girl looked into his eyes dreamily and said, "This was the most romantic day of my life."
People who are not good at dating often lack  imagination.
 There is a small pavilion in Xihu Park.. A is on a date with a girl, he tells her, "If we can put the coins onto that stone without them sliding down, our wish will be granted." Some passers by ask what they are doing and join in.

One day I asked him, "Why do you do that?" He said, "Have you seen  the stone  in the pavilion?" "It’ s very smooth, so I thought putting coins on it would be fun."
So you see, that’s dating. Find funny things within the monotony of life,. And it attracts girls.
Then if you don’t want to plan so much, we can find some simple way on the website such as meet up.

Some Folk singer is so fun, and you will like to take your girl there. Lyrics is always good chance to tell her what you think about her.

or if she like delicious food ,  you could eat all over the city special restaurants. Try to cook some beautiful Delicacies .

Once I buy lots kinds of beer, and tell her each story of them.

Once divination with gf. Although there is no result in the end. But we play fun.
Once try to make a figurine for her with Clay;  pick fruit in the countryside ;  fishing in the hole on the ice river in winter.
So , dating can be lots of funny things , even sun at home could be romance with the couple. 

Here is some dating activities from me and net friends.  I will be so glad if it can save your time and help you get your true love.

1. Archery
2. Concerts, exhibitions, museums, science centers
3. Hand DIY 
4. Amusement park, zoo, botanical garden
5. Horse riding
6. Exercise gym
7. Driving to the city nearby
8. Cycling (doctor mountain)
9. Cook together
10. Visit IKEA, supermarket, shopping
11. Fishing or crab ,shrimp .whatever
12. Chamber to escape
13. Kite flying
14. play the pulley, slide really ice. 
15. pick strawberry, variety of fruit in the farm
16. watching variety of flowers, maybe take some pic or do sth in the land of flower is so romance.
17. Camping, mountain climbing
18. Diving
19. Play video games
20. Comic show
21. Photography, take pictures for each other
22. go to the road or some place in memory
23. LEGO building blocks
24. A variety of games, supermarket shopping competition
25. to the beach
26. Run the marathon
27. Skill exchange, such as teaching each other to play the piano (I should say again , Don't teach the girl about PC programming or DOTA)
28. Playing table tennis
29. together to learn a dance. 
30. Motorboat ( feel so good)
31. Creative Park 
32. bungee jumping 
33. Rock climbing
34. Hot springs
35. night boat.
36. bowling 
37. Write a week diary and then exchange
38. PC games , or VR games . (try overwatch!)
39. do a small movie 
40. to help each other make-up(maybe surprise..)
41. Watch the sunrise 
42. ​​Painting together